About Us

Liberty Belle Tactical:

A humble beginning

We are a small family owned company located in Scappoose, Oregon, dedicated to the 2nd Amendment and our RIGHT to Keep and Bear Arms. We are passionate about what we do and the quality of our products is very important to us. This is why we hand select the products that we sell, focusing mainly on products that are manufactured in the Pacific NW for the AR parts that we use for our own builds. For the handguns, rifles and knives, we have chosen brands that we have personally used and can feel good about standing behind. We are continually updating our site and adding new products as we grow. Don’t see something you like, let us know. We will take some time to quality check these new brands, and if they meet our quality standards, we can bring them to our site.

Here is a little history about how Liberty Belle Tactical got started. We have always been gun and knife enthusiasts, building our own weapons from scratch for some time now and collecting interesting pieces over the years. In 2020, my mother passed away and left each of my siblings and myself a little money. It wasn’t a lot, but the idea of using that money to start something that my mother would be proud really seemed to make sense for me. We all were taught at an early age, to respect the laws of the land and be thankful for the freedoms that we had in our country, freedoms that several members of my immediate family served in the military to help protect. For as long as I can remember, mom’s email address was libertybelle...@... and I thought what a great way to honor her memory and start a business that she would be proud of. Voila, Liberty Belle Tactical was born and while we are starting out small, we are growing quickly and I am very proud to honor my mother in this way.

Stick with us as we grow. We plan on launching new product lines often and will be steadily expanding the product depth we currently offer. We are excited to offer some of the very best brands out there, but as stated above, would love to get more feedback from you on other brands that you would like to see offered on our site. Sign up for our newsletter and email notifications and follow us on our various Social Media channels to keep up to date on these new product launches. We strive to grow into a strong, recognized brand that can offer you the very best products, where you can get all the tactical gear and survival related items you want and need, all in one place.

Thank you for your support.